beau hilton


While there are always ten thousand material things I want, some of which are in the Amazon Wishlist below, I’m more into digital capability these days.

Probably digital, use-anywhere gift cards are the way to go. E.g. Visa or MasterCard.

I recently found fastmail, which is a delightful mail service. I’m trying to be less reliant on Google, and using an independent email client is a big part of that. They charge money because they’re not doing all the stuff Google does to keep their products free, namely, using your info for ad targeting.

It’s $5 a month. I got a few months for free, and really like it. In addition to not selling your data, they have a good facility for having your own email extension (provided you own your domain), so I got Any money toward supporting their service and keeping my cool new email address going would be much appreciated.

I use Vultr to host my server, which in turn hosts this website. It’s also $5 a month, which is a great deal for a server that I fully manage and is plenty powerful for a simple website.

Happy to receive any funds to support this going forward.


And finally:

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