This site is hosted on an OpenBSD server on vultr, built using plain text files processed by soupault and rsync’d to the server as part of a pre-commit hook.

The source files are available on my git server and GitHub.

I also use caretaker during development to auto-rebuild as I edit the source files.

I used to specify fonts, e.g. one of my favorites, IBM Plex, but in an effort to keep things light and tidy, I now just use system fonts. and are not part of the website proper, but are rather built using GitHub pages.


The workflow is terminal-based and pretty basic.

It amounts to:

cd src/site
$EDITOR site/ contains the following:

$TERMINAL -e caretaker &>/dev/null & disown
$TERMINAL -e python3 -m http.server --directory build &>/dev/null & disown
$TERMINAL -e $BROWSER http://localhost:8000 &>/dev/null & disown

This will open three new terminals running: a caretaker instance for auto-rebuild, a server for preview, and a browser pointing to the server.

At that point I will usually throw the terminals running the server and caretaker to another desktop to achieve a clean editing environment.

When it’s ready to go live, I use an alias called glazy: git add . && git commit -m "update" && git push. This will trigger the pre-commit hook, which rebuilds the site again and activates rsync, before pushing the source files to GitHub and my git server.