This is a “thanks page.”

About, now, and uses pages are nice formulas, standardized yet flexible ways for people visiting your site to get to know you better, each from a slightly different angle.

The thanks page is also meant to bring the reader and author closer together. By saying “hey, thanks” to folks who made a difference that day, it gets back to that old idea that we create each other in our relationships. The author gets to reflect on and state the positive thing, and the reader, whether or not he or she is the one being thanked, can get a kick out of watching joy and kindness flourish in the world.

It’s a little more personal and permanent than a thumbs up on a post on whichever social media platform dominates at the moment, and fits well with a Slow Web aesthetic.

If you like this idea and decide to make your own thanks page, please do, and let me know. I’ll link to your page here.

Jen, Cody, et al.

Thanks for hanging out and helping out! It was a blast.

Jeremy and Travis

Thanks for helping with the LRP.

the internet

Thanks for absorbing an infinite number of starts and stops.


Thanks for holding down the fort.

Forrest, Moriah, Cat

Thanks to Forrest, for being a furry alien. The time was too short buddy. Also, thanks to Moriah and Cat, for holding things down for me until I could talk again.


Thanks for making a magic early Christmas.


Thanks for reminding me how cool it is, all of it. Especially med ed, and how it interfaces with day-to-day practice. (We should totally do the sick-not-sick button thing.)


Thanks for the masterclass on secondary erythrocytosis and it’s management, and candor about how this oncology thing never really gets easier (and may even get harder, as the patients get closer to your own age).


Thanks for being willing to trade a shift later this week so we can do a date-offset Christmas with the family.

Ronak and Eric

Thanks for jumping in to discuss your experiences with inpatient induction chemo for head and neck cancers - valuable insights, humane, lively.

The NAVA BMT nurses

Thanks for sticking with me and a veteran who needed to sleep off the extra milligram of sedation.